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150 TH/S

Digital Mining Plan 150

1-1 Months | 150 TH/s

Buy From 257.31 USD

250 TH/S

Digital Mining Plan 250

1-1 Months | 250 TH/s

Buy From 428.86 USD

500 TH/S

Digital Mining Plan 500

1-1 Months | 500 TH/s

Buy From 857.71 USD

750 TH/S

Digital Mining Plan 750

1-1 Months | 750 TH/s

Buy From 1,286.57 USD

1,000 TH/S

Digital Mining Plan 1,000

1-1 Months | 1,000 TH/s

Buy From 1,715.42 USD

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ROI Calculator

Our return on investment (ROI) calculator will empower you to make informed decisions about your investment in digital mining with Phoenix Digital Mining.

With our calculator, you can estimate the potential return on your investment based on various factors, such as mining hash rate, current cryptocurrency prices, and mining difficulty levels.

It provides you with a clear projection of how much profit you can potentially earn over a given period. This allows you to make informed decisions about which mining plan best fits your investment goals and risk tolerance.

This calculator is a valuable tool for those who want to understand the profitability of digital mining.

Number of Months (1-12 months)


Number of Plans: (1-20)

BTC Price Forecast: 01/08/2023

Price Of Hashrate

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BTC/USD historical summary

*This forecast is approximate, based on the expected bitcoin price. Service fees are not included.

*Forecast based on 3-month average mining difficulty.

Hashrate Fee


Mining return